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Star, 96kbps Bit rate, 2,582KB file size
Carry On, 96kbps Bit rate, 2,704KB file size


The following movies were taken with a Konica / Minolta Dimage Xg. You will need Quick Time, RealPlayer or Microsoft Media Player to view it. It is approximately 20mb so it will take many minutes to load (about 1 hour on a 56k modem line).

The Valentinos Extra Edition at Fifth Avenue, Detroit 7/5/2004
The Valentinos Red Limiter at Lager House,11/3/2004


Painted Lady - Detroit 2/14/2005
Smalls - Hamtramck 1/15/2005
Magic Stick - Detroit 1/7/2005
Clone Defects re-unite for Benefit - Alvins, Detroit 1/1/2005
Lager House - Detroit 12/30/2004 --  Even Better Pic's from
Magic Stick - Detroit 12/17/2004 ---  Even Better Pic's from
Lager House - Detroit 11/24/2004
Corktown Tavern - Detroit 11/19/2004
Smalls - Hamtramck 11/14/2004
Lager House - Detroit 11/3/2004
State Bar - Detroit 10/15/2004
Painted Lady - Detroit 9/25/2004
Magic Stick - Detroit 9/17/2004
Lager House - Detroit 9/11/2004
Lager House - Detroit 7/18/2004
Fifth Avenue - Detroit 7/5/2004
Magic Stick 6/26/2004
Rock City Festival 2004
Smalls, 6/4/2004
Lager House, 5/22/2004
Smalls, 12/13/2003


The Valentinos Aerosol Dream 45 Aerosol Dream
Label:  Tom Perkins

A. Aerosol Dream
B. Tell Me That It's Over

Limited quantities available for sale at our shows.
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The Valentinos Demo 2003 Demo 2003 <
Label:  Produced by The Valentinos for demonstration purposes.

1. Aerosol Dream
2. Tell Me That It's Over
3. One Kiss
4. Star
5. Carry On
6. Platform Six
Limited quantities available for sale at our shows.

1" Pin:

The Valentinos Pin The Valentinos Pin
Manufacturer: Simpatico

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